Introducing Vox - revolutionizing youth evangelism

Dave Cornes, youth evangelist and co-presenter of the new series Vox, discusses a new approach to sharing the gospel with today's teens.

When I first started out as a Youth Worker over a decade ago, some of the best evangelism focused on apologetics, using reason and evidence to showcase the truth of the gospel. Today's teenagers face unique challenges, and their questions and doubts are different from previous generations. There’s a deep yearning for purpose, a search for identity, and the desire for authentic love and relationships.

Perhaps we need to think differently about youth evangelism today.

So, what’s this all about? Let me introduce Vox from Christianity Explored, a new video series revolutionizing youth evangelism with its dynamic and relevant approach to sharing the gospel with a generation of young people.

At the heart of Vox's approach is its commitment to engaging young people where they are, acknowledging their doubts, fears, and struggles, and providing a safe space for them to explore the Christian faith and ask questions. It looks and feels made by young people, for young people. It aims to give them a voice.

Vox is a fresh look at who Jesus is, why he came, and his impact on our lives today. Based on the gospel of Luke, the series features four episodes that explore key passages and themes. Luke is brilliant at drawing us into the relational side of Jesus’ ministry as we encounter his interactions with ordinary people. We get to sit back and watch how each one reacts to him - with joy and belief, or rejection and ‘I’m gonna kill you...’

Here’s how the episodes work:

  1. Episode one starts with Luke writing his book to show that Jesus is at the center of God's story, and we're invited to join him in it.
  2. The second episode shows Jesus came to bring life for the lowly and the outcast, and demonstrates his authority over evil, sickness and death.
  3. In Episode three, we witness Jesus' mission to restore the lost and the broken-hearted, welcoming them into his love and grace, as we slow down for the parable of the lost son.
  4. Finally, Episode four reveals the ultimate act of love, mercy, and justice in Jesus' death and resurrection.

This series delves deep into the Scripture, unpacking the life, teaching and significance of Jesus in a way that resonates with the reality of today's young people. It tackles the tough questions, explores the complexities of life, and presents the gospel with clarity, authenticity, and relevance.

What’s the storyline?

Good question, thanks for asking. Vox follows a group of young people who responded to an advert we put out on Instagram. We get to listen in as they explore the claims of Jesus by getting back to the basics of life and the Christian faith. The series starts with a video call from me and Swarzy Macaly explaining the adventure that awaits them. From there, we witness their journey in a remote location, where they engage with biblical teaching, group discussions, and reflective moments. All of this is interspersed with fun and quirky challenges, infusing the series with life, humor, and energy!

These conversations will allow those watching to engage with and resonate with other young people on screen. ‘They think the way I do and have the same questions as me.’

In a world where young people are craving authenticity and genuine relationships, Vox seeks to create a safe space for open and honest discussions. It recognises that young people may have doubts, questions, or disagreements, and it encourages them to explore their faith in a supportive environment. We want young people to ask tough questions and seek truth with humility and curiosity.

Christian young people are the ones best placed to reach their generation with the gospel. Perhaps this series, too, will act as a tool for Christian young people to be empowered to share their own faith. ‘Do you want to watch this series with me?’ This is where the tagline, ‘Share what matters’, comes in.

We're excited by all that God will do through this series. Will you pray with us? Thank God for the completed filming and providing the support for its production. Pray that Vox would impact many lives and bring young people to faith in Jesus.

In a nutshell? Vox empowers a generation of young people around the world to share what matters – the life-transforming truth of Jesus.

Vox: Share what matters

A new youth series aimed at 13-19s