Beautiful feet in Nepal

A few years ago, after an injury, I was praying: "Lord I want to serve you. Please heal me and give me the strength to go to the mountains to share the gospel and encourage your people."

God answered my prayer. God healed my broken bones. Two years later I was able to go to the mountain region of my country with Christianity Explored in Nepali language and encourage his people who are living in a very remote area.

In January, two brothers from our church and I took a night bus on a Wednesday afternoon and arrived Thursday at 8 am. We crossed the river and we walked one hour to get to the first village. There were 22 people gathered together from different churches.

We ran a two-day training of Christianity Explored. It was difficult to use the DVD due to electricity problems. But the leaders were very happy and excited to learn God's word through these books. The Holy Spirit helped us in our communication; some people gave testimonies that it was their first training in their Christian life.

The Holy Spirit helped us in our communication.

On Sunday morning at 5:30 am, we started another journey. People said it takes nearly six hours by walking. We started to climb the mountain at 6 am and we got to the village at 11:30 am. It was really difficult but God gave us strength and joy in our hearts.

When we were walking on the mountain or visiting their homes, we shared the gospel and prayed with them. People gathered together on Monday morning to learn from Christianity Explored. It was a really blessed time for us and for the people we were with. Before they did not know about sin, the cross, the resurrection, grace and having a new life in Christ, after the course they did.

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