Xichen's Story

I realised that I am by no means ‘good’ in God’s standard.


I believed that everyone should peacefully accept death as a natural consequence. However, I had a great fear of death at the same time. I couldn’t convince myself that there would be nothing after death. What if there is a heaven and hell? How could I make sure I would be good enough to avoid hell?

Christianity Explored challenged me about all these things and showed me the good news from the Bible. It showed me clearly from the Bible that there would be hell, and it would be the most horrible place. More strikingly, I was taught that punishment in hell is what everyone deserves! This was such a challenging view since I used to regard myself as being a “good” person.

But the Bible showed me that I wouldn’t be in a good position to defend myself - I couldn’t find any hint of sins such as sexual immorality and pride in myself. Worse, I was invited to imagine my whole life displayed publicly, including every word and thought. Would I really be confident to claim that I am “good” enough? How then could I be confident to avoid hell if I stood in front of God’s judgment seat?

I learned that although we all deserve God’s judgment because of our sins, God mercifully sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us “as a ransom”. Through his death, our sins are paid for and we are forgiven, if we trust in him. Moreover, Jesus’ resurrection gives us the assurance of life beyond death if we are united with Christ!

Throughout the course, I was challenged by the gospel, and I realised that I am by no means “good” in God’s standard. If we believe in Christ, we will have eternal life, and death will no longer keep its hold on us.