CY Leader's Guide

By Christianity Explored Ministries

CY is a series of seven fast-paced sessions exploring the identity, mission and call of Jesus.

Part of the Christianity Explored series.

“CY” is a life-changing journey through the Gospel of Mark. In seven interactive sessions, plus a weekend or day away, young people will find out what Christians believe, discover the Bible’s answers to the big questions of life and explore what Christianity is really all about. Over seven sessions together you'll see why Jesus is worth exploring!

Download and view Session 1.

With ice-breakers, games and discussion questions, 11-14s will get to grips with the best news they've ever heard!

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Session 1 - CY it’s worth exploring
Session 2 - CY Jesus matters
Session 3 - CY Jesus came
Session 4 - CY Jesus died
Session 5 - CY Jesus lives
Session 6 - CY God accepts us
Session 7 - CY we should believe

Life as a Christian
1. The Holy Spirit
2. The church
3. Bible and prayer