New Year, New Reading Plan

We are excited to announce that the Christianity Explored Ministries team in London has adapted our most popular series, Christianity Explored, into a 21-day reading plan on the YouVersion Bible app.

youversion- Twitter Post

Our goal for this plan is that it will equip you to open up Scripture and explore Jesus with anyone in the world. The plan is a 21-day read-through of Mark’s Gospel that looks at who Jesus is and why he came. It’s a great tool you can use to introduce a seeker or new believer to reading Scripture and investigating Jesus. For Christians, this plan is a refreshing meditation on the heart of our faith: the person and message of Christ.

YouVersion has recently added a feature that enables you to read a plan with multiple friends. You can see each other’s progress and discuss the day’s questions in a private discussion area at the end of each session. We encourage you to use this feature by grabbing a couple friends to go through the Christianity Explored plan with you!

Find the plan here!


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