Prison Edition

A flexible version for chaplains and those involved in prison ministry.

Prison Edition

Christianity Explored Prison Edition meets the unique challenges of sharing the identity, mission, and call of Jesus with those serving time in prison.  

The eight session series is designed to go along with the Christianity Explored DVD and uses the 2011 NIV Bible.  

Take a look at a sample from the Leader's Guide.

To keep it simple, there is no participant handbook.
Instead, download reproducible Bible studies and supporting materials here.

Christianity Explored Prison Edition cuts away some of the “religions” baggage that some of the lads may have picked up on their journey, because it's presenting the Lord's word speaking for itself. It's presented in a non-threatening way to guys who may have learning difficulties as it doesn't require them to read or write anything.

A memorable statement from one of the guys, "I have done many courses in jail but not one of them has rehabilitated me like this course and if it was up to me it would be compulsory for every prisoner to do this course."

Rev. Iain Thomson, Part Time Chaplain
HMP Kilmarnock


If you have any questions about running a prison course, we would love to be of assistance. Please contact the Christianity Explored Ministries team here.  


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